Saturday, 26 September 2015

Imperial Guard Command Squad

Just a small post to tide things over. I am still working hard to try to finish the whole box of Warlord British infantry in one month, which is my personal goal at the moment. It's still touch and go if I can make it in all honesty.

Anyone, in between Bolt Action and musing over new projects, I have been tidying up unfinished stuff. Part of the many half done minis on the shelves was a Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Command Squad. Started around two years ago as an attemp to reboot my interest in 40k, it failed, and two of the five minis have stood uncompleted since. The plan was to push my painting skills and also conversion skills - each mini is converted in some way, either poses, or custom torsos or both. They still didn't fire my imagination. 

Over the last week I dusted them down and finished off the officer and vox caster, which were the only two outstanding:

And here is the squad as a whole.

Apoloigies for the awful pics!

I am so out of touch with 4k that I am not even sure if the squad compisition is legal, but still, they are done. They will be added to the 6000 odd points of guard I have. I should sell them to generate funds, but I've made the mistake of selling stuff before then getting back into that very game and having to start all over again, so for now I shall keep them. If I ever need more cabinet space, then who knows, they may go, but for now they stay. 

More updates to follow soon. As always, stay tuned via my facebook page, The cardboard fortress

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