Saturday, 28 November 2015

Panzer IV Complete

Realised the other day that I don't think I have posted a single painted model in November, figured I had best sort that out. I intended to do so earlier this week but the arrival of my newborn son somewhat distracted me!

Managed to finish off the Panzer IV that has been staring at me for about 8 weeks or so. It's the plastic kit from Warlord, not bad to put together. I painted it in the same style as my Hanomags, which was basically to hit it with my airbrush then weather it. I was happy with the final result, it should look just the part supporting my grenadiers across the battlefield.

So lets keep this simple, have some pictures:

I messed up a litte with the Schurtzen - I didn't put much effort into the back of it as I thought it would mostly be covered, but some of it shows. Oh well. I'm also still not sure if I have mastered the use of pigments - the different coloured mud was more by accident than design. What do you all think?

Plenty more to come over the next couple of weeks hopefully, got several things to update when time allows.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

The Unpainted Model Count

The hobby of wargaming fits into many categories, and I would certainly say that it falls under the collecting side of hobbies. At the top of the collecting list is, of course, the desire to collect full armies of painted minis. I wish I could say I collect an army, paint it in its entirety and only then move on to the next project, but as anyone who has looked at this blog will know, that would be a lie! I am no more immune to the "ooohhh, shiny'" syndrome than anyone else, I also have unrealised projects in my head and my wargaming associates are always finding new things to tempt me. As a result, I have far too many projects on the go.

The huge project list creates other problems. Even at my most productive I can paint only slowly, far slower than I can buy minis. A while ago I decided I needed a method to help control my spending, and reduce the unpainted models I had lying around. I considered many methods. I dismissed selling stuff, as I have found that with a few years, at most, of selling something I wish I hadn't and have to start again. I also considered a spending ban, but I have insufficient will power for that to work. I also dismissed a simple count of painted models as too simplistic. 

In the end, I decided to set a "zero point," for myself. So, about three years ago I decided that was my set point, or zero. Of course, I had hundreds of unpainted models at this stage, it wasn't about having zero outstanding models and going from there.

So with a zero point set I had to work out how to score my models as they were painted. I at first tried a separate points score for different scales or sizes, but dismissed it as too complicated. I went for simplicity. One model equaled one, regardless of size. So now, when a model is painted and based, I deduct one, and when I buy p, am given, or just acquire a model, I add one. This applies equally whether it's a 6mm infantry man or a massive super heavy tank. It sounds daft, as each takes a different time, but because I flip around it works. I also find that even though painting say, 30 epic imperial guard (-30 points under my system) sounds quick, when you buy that scale you invariably buy a larger number so it all balances out.

So far, I haven't got much below zero, and have gone up to +100 before. However, it's a handy way of telling if my unpainted pile is growing or shrinking. So next time you check into my blog, have a look at the score in the little widget to the right, if it starts with a minus, good for me, if it starts with a plus, I've been spending!

As a last off, I apologise for my lack of posts with models lately. My son is about to arrive in the world but once he does and I get some semblance of a routine set up, I have plenty to show off. 

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Breaking News!!!

Today I awake with my alarm ready for work and as no doubt mot people do,rolled over, picked up my phone and started scrolling through Facebook whilst I waited for my body and brain to realise it was time to come to life. This normally takes a while. 

Like many hobbyists, I am a member of several groups, some of which are GW related. I saw this image a few times on the feed:

When I saw it a third time I stopped to read it. Then I read it again. Then again. I then sat upright and was suddenly wide awake. Could it be that specialists games were making a come back? I've heard the rumour before and been disappointed but as I dug a little deeper it seemed this had been announced by several Australian GW's. As the day wore on, it became apparent it was true. 

In a nutshell, it appears that GW are setting up a subdivision of Forgeworld who will do side games that will possibly/probably contain both plastic and resin models for epic, Lord of the Rings, BFG and possibly other, older games. It not clear whether they will be full systems, or stand alone boxes, but jut the idea of new models for these systems has got my excited. 

I make no secret of the fact that Epic was my number one, favourite game, and this time I won't make the mistake of leaving all my purchases too late so they disappear. I'm also exited about the return of BFG and Blood Bowl, and maybe even some of the other games. 

It could be a long wait, and I need more projects like a slap in the face but quite frankly, all I can say is:

And just when I thought I was down GW, they pull me right back in? 

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Birthday Swag

Been a little while since I last posted. I've been busy working and had a few days away with the family visiting Legoland and Warwick Castle, which was a nice break away. The main reason we went away was for my brithday, and of course, there were gifts involved. Luckily for me, many of them were hobby related due to having furnished the parents with a Warlord gift list and the wife with an Amazon one. 

Here is what I got towards my various projects:

My Bolt Action British force got another chunk of infantry along with a medium mortar and MMG. This is good news as it means that force is well on its way to being a decent army - I already have a Sherman Firefly waiting to be painted so this will build it up nicely. 

Mr Germans recieved this little diamond:

A Pak40 75mm gun. I like this because it will give me the option to field a good anti tank gun without having to take a tank - something worth experimenting with. 

Final hobby present was this:

I alrady have the core rules and the Overlord book so getting this was a bonus. I think my move into 20mm WW2 will be a new year thing as got a bit much on at the moment and funds only stretch so far. 

Other presents included some various gift cards, cash, a radio control car (which is great fun chasing the four year old daughter around) and I treated myself to a 1600 piece Lego Tie-Fighter, which is taking some work. So overall, a good birthday was had. 

Hobby wise the first four Taliban will be done soon and other things are moving along so there should be a quite a few updates this month. As always, please give my facebook page A Cardboard Fortress a like.