Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Polish Medic and AT Rifle

Not a fantastically long post, but part of my catching up with what I have panted recently.

In my quest to work my way through the Battlegroup Polish list, here's two more options for the infantry platoon I am currently building.

A Polish Medic:

I couldn't find much on what uniform the medics wore so I coped out and added a simple armband to mark him out.

Also, an AT Rifle:

A nice simple model and quite a pleasure to paint. Although out of date by mid war, AT rifles could make a mess of the early panzers.

All the miniatures are Early War Miniatures. In order tocomplete the infantry platoon I am still waiting for Capitan games to put there Polish back into production so I don't have too many similiar poses.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Polish AT Gun and Catching Up

It appears that I have been very neglectful of the blog, but all is not as it would seem. I have in fact been busier than ever in the hobby. I've been painting and gaming at quite a decent pace and I have managed to make quite a dint in my Polish force. But more of that later.

The big development is that I have set myself up as an independent wargaming trader. I am initially selling Warlord Games products, with a focus on Bolt Action 2.

This is a part time buisness for me but one I am excited about. First of all, all my profits will be put back into more products so if things go well the range I stock will only grow. Second, it gives me the chance to potentially grow my hobby in nurmerous different ways.

At the moment, I have a small selection of things on eBay and people are welcome to order through me for Warlord items as I submit fairly regular orders. The best way is to head over to facebook and like my page as I am managing it through there in the first instance. Research has started into an online store so I'll keep you updated with progress. I currently offer a 22.5% discount on most of Warlords range.

But back to the hobby. I have completed a Bofors AT gun along with limber for my 20mm Polish. Here they are.

The gun itself along with three crew:

The three assistant gunners:

And finally the horse limber (actually from the Early War Miniaures french range):

I've got a few other bits finished that I will upload in due course and try to bring this blog back up to date.