Saturday, 16 January 2021

Completed Regiments



Time for an update on my progress so far. 

January has been a prodcutive month with two regiments completed for the War of Spanish Succession. 

First off we have a battalion of Scottish Troops in Dutch Service. A little change of pace as these are all in grenadier uniform:



These are all figures from Front Rank. Really nice to paint, the detail is lovely and chunky and they have some animated poses. My favourite is the guy getting shot. I really like the bright colour scheme. Just waiting for the banners to arrive now. 

Next up is a regiment of Irish Brigade that fought for the French:

This time they are Ebor Miniatures figures. A little slimmer than the Front rank stuff, but still really nice. This battalion is based a little differently asthey are for the rule set (Beneath the Lilly Banners). 

So that is 45 minis so far this year. The only down side is these are both commissions so onothing of my own yet for 2021. However, it also ticks off two boxes on the hobby bingo - the 10+ unit and the 2+ unit for a total of 20 points.

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

2020 Round Up


I am afraid this will be a post with no pictures, but I thought a round up of what I managed to paint this year might be interesting. 


In January, when the world was a very different place, I set myself a target of 350 minis painted, and 1500 points scored on the analogue painting challenge points system for the whole year. 


Here is how I did:



A good month. 108 Napoleonic French were finished. The vast majority of work on those happened in 2019, but because they were finsihed (Painted, based, flags added etc) in 2020, they count towards this year. I also finished a single Swedish infantry man from the great Northern war this month. 

Monthly Total: 109, Running Total: 109


A much slower month this time. First off the block were 10 spider riders for my goblin army and 2 German Spotters for my Bot Action force. I also added three mounted French colonels to the earlier three regiments to finish off that commission.

Monthly Total: 15, Running Total: 124



Some more commision work arrived this month - 84 Bavarians for the War of Spanish Succession. March saw the first 27 of these done. Alongside those, I knocked out 6 Black Orcs and 4 Napoleonic French. 

Monthly Total: 37, Running Total: 161



A fairly solid month, another 15 Bavarians done. We saw the first appearace of different scales, three 20mm Poish tanks, 15 15mm Romans, 2 Spear Chukkas and crew (8 minis in total) and 2 cadians done. 

Monthly Total: 43, Running Total:204



The remaining Bavarians were all completed (42 minis), and another 4 Napoleonic French. 

Monthly Total: 46, Running Total: 260



A month when it was all about my own stuff - a full unif of 24 15mm Romans, 2 VIkings and a German Puma armoued car - that had been half done for around 5 years so it was good to get it finally finished. 

Monthly Total: 27, Running Total: 287



Anohter month of mixed scales. 24 Front Rank Dutch Troops were done on commission, along with 12 Roman Velites and 24 union ACW infantry in 10mm (another new project!)

Monthly Total: 60, Running Total: 347


August and September

The usual summer lull was made worse by a mojo slump - I think it was post lock down fatigue and having had the kids around since March the desire to paint just got up and left. 



A very steady month, I only managed 16 union infantry in 10mm. But the mojo was creeping back.

Monthly Total: 16, Running Total: 363



Over 200 minis landed on my desk for variois commissions this month, and I did make good progress on them. But none were completed so the only models done were a German Pak 40 and crew (4 minis), a Napleoic french cannon and crew (4 mins) and 6 Napoleonic French infantry.

Monthly Total: 14, Running Total: 377



A strong month to round the year off - 1 15mm Roman infantry man and a singel mounted commander were completed and based together for a command stand. Another 24 union infantry in 10mm and 21 Irish Brigade troops were all done/ 

Monthly Total: 47, Running Total: 424


 So 424 minis and about 1735 points under the Analogue system. Easily my best ever year. Even if you strip out the commission work, I added quite a lot of stuff to my own collections and I find the commision work pushes me out of my comfort zone and gets me to the desk. Had I not had the big mojo lull, when I didn't do my own stuff or take any work on, I think I could have smashe 500 minis. 


I'm looking at a good start to 2021 as I have a lot of minis half done and another 80 or so pimed and ready - I want to get off to a flyer if possible. 


Finally, my targets for next year:

Painted minis - 600, any scale

Analogue points - 2000.


I shall try to get monthly updates up - hopefully with pictures! 



Saturday, 26 December 2020



As you have no doubt noticed, my last attempt to get the blog up and running failed miserably! 

However, one my friends contacted me the other week, saying he was starting hobby bingo for 2021. I was curious and gave it a look. Here is what it is:

Now, at first I looked at it and though while it was interesting, I initially dismissed any idea of doing it as not possible, as it's clearly tailored towards GW stuff, very little of which I paint these days. However, the more I looked at it, the more I thought I would give it a go. Even with historical stuff, doing units, hero's, vehicles and scenery won't be a major issue. The big struggles I see ahead will be Behemoths/Lord of war and kitbashed models. 

I shall try to get around the behemoths with some big stuff in my orc and goblin army and the kitbash stuff I shall worry about later down the line. 

All this will start in January and I will try and keep a monthly log of how I am going. I think this is a three way competition with my main rival being the Sachiel Returns blog!

In the mean time, Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Blast from the Past

One of this years main projects has been sorting stuff out in the pile of shame. A lot of stuff has been sold on as I have been honest with myself about what I would actually get around to.

The main pile of stuff that has been cleared out has been my 40k stuff. As a former GW boy I had a lot but I have fallen out of love with the game itself despite several attempts on my behalf to reboot myself in the game. As a result over the last year or so I have purged most of my 40k.

Which leads me to this short post. The other day I was clearing the last few things out when I found these two at the bottom of a box:

My old paint scheme was fairly basic and these were already pretty much done. I almost put them on ebay but figured I may as well finish them off since it wouldn't take long. Here is the final result:

I stuck to the basic scheme and the simple basing that 2007 me used to use so they fit with the rest of the army.

This now means I have no unpainted 40k in my collection anymore. Actually, I think I have a half finished ork vehicle somwhere that I really must get done.

Progress wise the desk is awash with Bavarians from the War of Spanish Succession, some 15mm Republican Romans and a couple of Orc and Goblin Spear Chukka's. There all coming along at a fair pace so hopefully there should be some more posts this month. Fingers crossed!

Friday, 3 April 2020


It's been a while!

Nearly 2 and a half years as it turns out. Why, in these turbulent times am I revisiting my blog? To be honest, I am really not qute sure as to why, but I have decided make an attempt at blogging my hobby progress once again.

And what has the last two years of hobby bought me? Quite a lot as it happens. I have a hobby room set up and this year is seeing the final push to get it all finalised. I hope to complete it soon. However, it has been sufficiently equipped for me to be quite productive.

I have been painting a lot of stuff for myself and also taking on some commission work. New project wise, I started a Warhammer Fantasy Orc and Goblin army last year and there is a 15mm Roman Army in the works. I am also experimenting with other smaller scales and games.

For now, here are some pictures of stuff I have completed recently.

I recently completed three Perry Miniatures battalions of French Line Infantry for a client. Considering the amount of white in these, I was really pleased in how they turned out. The order also included three mounted colonels:

The same client has commission four War of Spanish Succession Battalions in 28mm. Here is the first all done and based, the rest are coming along nicely.

Finely, at the recent Hammerhead show I picked up three 7TP tanks in 20mm for my Polish. These are from Early War Miniatures and I painted them up straight away. With a 37mm gun they should give the Germans pause for thought.

And finally, a unit of 10 Spider Riders for my Orcs and Goblins. 

What's coming up? Well, there are more Bavarians, some geenskins and some 15mm Romans - and that's just the start. I am aiming for a ratio of one mini a day sp stay tuned. 

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Getting Back on Track

Back from the dead!

It's been a while since I blogged, but it's about time I got back on track. I figured a post to get you all up to date was in order. Sadly, it's going to be very wordy post with no pictures of toy soldiers.

So as per my last post, the house move was done and the new man cave sorted out. But I must confess I simply wasn't finding the time for the hobby. This eventually led to a slide in mojo and everything ground to a halt. Fold in the summer holidays, decorating, overtime and general stuff. And not much has been done - I've still not painted a model this year!

I realised that things needed to change, and I am currently trying to make these changes. The biggest decision was to wrap up the business. In truth, it was going well but to the point that it was taking all my spare time. I decided that there was no point turning the hobby into a business if it leaves no time for the hobby! So I am in the process of selling off the stock to make space.

I am also taking a more proactive approach in getting mundane stuff around the house - the chores had built up to such a point that I felt bad even considering doing hobby. I've decided to put aside some of my down time towards clearing this back log.

And finally, I am now taking a more "Project based" approach to the hobby. This will inolve working on things in blocks rather than a unit of this and then a unit of that. I also need to stop buying models, if only because I have too much already and there are other things to spend the money on at the moment.

But where does that leave things I hear you cry? Well, after a tidy up the other day there a load of 28mm British Napoleonics on the desk. My first project will be to paint up a chunk of this. I am aiming for a brigade of 3 line battalions, a small unit of rifleman, a cannon and some generals. I already have one battalion done so my target is to have all that done by the end of this year.

You, dear reader, can at least expect some blog updates coming up. Perhaps not as many as I was managing las year, but at least some here and there!

Monday, 1 May 2017

The Hobby Rebuild

As is often the way with blogs (and probably the hobby in general), I have been letting things slide here, and I realise it's about five months since I posted an update. The reasons for this are many. At first it was the business and the Christmas period getting in the way. After that, we decided to move house and there were all the stresses and strains you associate with that. Needless to say, here we are in May and I haven't painted a single mini yet in 2017. We moved nearly two months ago at the end of Feb, and it's been much slower going get set back up than I thought.

Despite all that, the house move will in the long term be very beneficial. A new man cave has been alloted to me by the ever patient wife, which I am currently kitting out (more on that shortly) and we now have a large double garage which will, eventually, become my wargames room. That is sadly a very long way off, got to get the painting room and business all back up and running first. Then it will take some time to save to get it converted.

So the first problem was the new room is smaller than my old hobby den and was in need of some TLC. First off, was the decorating:

Next up I managed to get a very large L-shaped desk. This is great as it gives me a section for painting and a section for my computer/buinsess etc. I have already dumped a load of stuff on the desk and here it is in all its messy glory:

Bearing in mind that is a baneblade at the front, you can see it gives me plenty of space. I intend to add paint racks, storage space and generally have a neat and tidy area to work in eventually. But that will take time.

Aside from that, shelves have been put back up and new shelving put up:

As you can see, things are progressing at  reasonable pace (I have way too much to paint though). I am hopeful of getting some hobby done in the very near future. Money will of course dictate how fast it all happens, but time is always a factor. Shift work and two small children don't help!

But that's it for now. I'm glad I am updating the blog again, I wonder what I'll end up painting first.