Thursday, 1 October 2015


This month I had a self imposed goal of building and painting a full box of the Warlord late war British Infantry. So that was 25 miniatures, all at 28mm scale in 30 days. This was actually quite a tall order for me as I am a slow painter at the best of times! But I gave it a good go.

There were times when it seemed possible but regrettably, I did not make it. The main reason was just that real life got in they way. A lost hour here and a missing evening there all added up to get in the way. What is worse is I only fell short by the narrowest of margins, the basing was all that needed doing. 

They currently stand at this stage:

The good news is that they should get done this weekend, which gets October off to a flying start. Once they are done, it shall be on to either some Germans, Taliban, tanks or Epic Imperial Guard? Choices, choices! Anyone any preferences? 

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