Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The British Arrive.

Those pesky British are finally done! 

Managed to finish up the basing on these guys last night (so pretty much a week late), and got some pics today. Pleased with how they all came out, and without further ado, onto the pictures:

Squad 1:

Squad 2:


Light mortar team:

And the Sniper team:

I'll be honest, none of them are going to win any painting competitions, they are strictly table top quality. That is fine with me though, becase with the limited hobby time I do get and how slow I am when I do paint, it's the only way to get an army ready. In any case, with 25 men done, it's a big step towards a full army. 

In putting them together I followed my normal basing conventions in that two man squads go on their own bases. 3 men and more will go on large, group bases. The squads are the traditional 10 men, with one LMG, NCO with SMG and rifles all round for the rest.

In terms of continuing this army, the only other unit I have is a Sherman Firefly. However, it's my birthday at the end of the month and both the parents and the wife have been provided with wish lists. They are not exclusively British (or even Bolt Action), but I imagine I'll get a few more units for this army. 

Got plenty in the painting queue at the moment, just can't see much time ahead for hobbying, so I apologise if the blog gets a bit irregular. 

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