Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Puma and Panzer IV Progress

As any World War 2 war gamer will tell you, you need tanks. Infantry are the back bone of any force, but tanks are where it's at. 

So without that in mind, I have made progress on a bit of armour support for my Bolt Action German force. This required breaking out the airbrush. To say I found this worrying would be an understatement. Having used it once, I had stripped it down and cleaned it down before putting it back together. But would it work was the question? The answer was a resounding yes! For me, this is a great boon as it means I can use it more regularly because I was concerned that I had use it once and then broke it. 

Anyway, on to the pics. I went with the same scheme as the half tracks, here is the Panzer IV:

And here is the Puma:

They've also had the first stage of weathering in these pics, using a sponge I first applied hull red followed by metallics in the most worn areas. 

Still a long way to go with these, but hoping to get stuck into them soon. 

As always, more updates at The Cardboard Fortress

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