Thursday, 3 September 2015

Heaven Is A Half Track Part 3

It has taken far longer than I had originally planned but finally, the three half tracks that I started on a few months ago are done! I could say it was because I tried out new techniques, but the truth is that I was a bit afraid I would wreck them, so kept them at the back of the queue. 

But in any case, on with the pictures.

This was the first one done, you have already seen it in Part 2:

And the next one, with a bit of stowage added from a pack bought off of eBay:

And the third and final one:

And here are the three of them all together:

I think they look quite good together. They have been a great learning curve for some techniques, and if I were to do them again there are some things I would do differently. That all being said, I can now mechanize a whole platoon of infantry - just a shame transports aren't much good in Bolt Action!

Stay tuned for more updates to come, including more armour!

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