Sunday, 6 September 2015

Partizan Show Report and Review

Today was Partizan day! I have never been a massive show goer, but have been to a few recently and I am getting the taste for them. You get to see what's out there, because I imagine quite a lot of people don't have all these companies in their database so it's a nice reminder to see that pretty much what ever you want in the wargaming world someone is likely to be making. The down side of course is that you mentally find yourself starting about a dozen new projects. 

So first off, lets look at the swag:

This guy is the obligatory free mini you seem to get at every show these days. This is apparently some famous local actor as he appeared when he starred as Lawrence of Arabia. He's dressed in some kind of British uniform so I think with a half decent paint job I can use him as a an objective marker for Bolt Action - perhaps an aging British officer trapped behind enenmy lines.

One of the major purchases of the day was this book, for another forthcoming project, 20mm WW2. Should be an interesting read and give me some ideas to pick a force. 

Now these next two I've been considering for some time:

These are Empress Miniatures modern British (i.e Afghanistan) at the top and Taliban at the bottom. These are lovely sculpts, and I have wanted some for an age to try out the Force on Force ruleset I've had a few years. The only downside was nowhere today was selling the rules so I couldn't pick up the Afghan supplement for this game. Soon though. 

And that was it. Aside from a few paints and bases and I didn't get much else. I wanted lots more but managed to resist adding to the painting pile. Special mention to my mate I went with, if he had caved at the Baccus stand I would have too, resulting in me being the owner of several hundred 6mm Napoloenics. I suspect though, that neither of us can resist for too long and this will be another project.

Some pics of some games now:

These are from an excellent Indiana Jones themed game, complete with a giant flying wing:

Next up a rather awesome recreation of the battle of Salamanca in 6mm. I have to say I am not a fan of the hex based terrain (bit boardgamey for me), but 6mm is a big favourite of mine, so I was really impressed by this layout:

I really liked this large scale game as well, using a cold war gone hot theme. There were a lot of tanks on this:

And finally, the battle of Yellow Ford from the "Like a Stone Wall" wargames group. They certainly upped their normal high standards with this board, was really nice to look at. Based around a fight in a bog, the terrain was wonderful. I was offered a chance to play in this game but circumstance conspired against me, however, I managed to drop by and say hello.

So that was Partizan. Another good show. Whilst it's on the smaller side of shows, everyone is very friendly. The only real criticism is the venue, it's a little dark and crowded but I understand they are moving next year. But as a local, twice yearly show, for me, it's perfect. 

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