Monday, 4 May 2015

German Footsloggers

As mentioned in my previous post, my current main focus is Bolt Action gaming. I decided quite early on that I wanted to do Germans to start with as the story of their military antics during the war always fascinated me. The less said about their politics the better, but their armies (and mainly there tanks I suspect), have a lasting hold on many wargames.

I decided after some casting about to base my force on the Panzer Lehr division. The reason for this was because it was a very well equipped division at the start of the Normandy campaign and had the latest kit so it naturally drew my attention.

Enough talking about my army, lets have some pics. These are the three squads:

Each squad is 8 veterans; an NCO with an SMG, two MG42's and two panzerfausts. It's based off a lot of historical research I did, which indicated the paper strength of a half track mounted Panzergrenadier squad was ten men, a driver, a gunner and 8 dismounts. It's worth noting two things. First, I wrote this list before I knew the rules for Bolt Action, hence why each of these squads will get half tracks (depsite them being a bit useless), and second, that I know they aren't wearing the correct Panzer Lehr short tunic, but no one makes multi pose plastic Panzer Lehr to my knowledge!

They have the support of a mortar, a medium machine gun and a Panzer Schreck team:

Finally, here is the officer. He and his escort are the most "gamey" part of my arm, as I took the chance to give them both assault rifles.

Next up I shall be tackling the vehicles. That will be three Hanomags, a Panzer IV and a Puma armoured car. Should be interesting as I intend to try out airbrushing the first time! Wish me luck.


  1. Nice looking figures. I've been quite tempted to get into Bolt Action in 15mm to make more use of my existing figures and terrain. Welcome to the blogosphere too :-)

  2. Thank you. I've heard it plays well in 15mm and can imagine it makes bigger games much easier.