Monday, 27 April 2015

A Warm Welcome!

Welcome to my brand new hobby blog. I have decided to start this to chart my meandering journey through the hobby that is war gaming.

I suppose I should tell you a little something about my good self. I started this all in autumn of 1990.  A friend of mine bought White Dwarf issue 129 to school and it captured my imagination totally. A few weeks later I got hold of issue 130 and that was it. I raided the local GW that Christmas and my journey began. I developed a passion for fantasy, sci-fi and military history which all fed into my hobby. I got into 40k, fantasy, epic (my favourite!) and all the other games released around then.

This continued until I went into full time employment at 19. I pretty much stopped then, although the monthly purchase of White Dwarf continued, and I was always aware of what was happening in the hobby. I kept in touch throughout my early and mid 20's as my first house was bought, women were dated and much, much beer was drunk. Actual model purchases were rare and few, and games none, but I never really lost interest.

Fast forward to moving in with the woman I now call wife. Settled down and with a bit of disposable income, I decided to get back into the hobby. I started with all the GW stuff, mainly 40k, but also Blood Bowl and BFG. I amassed a large collection which took me through to a few years ago, when the arrival of a mini me slowed the hobby a little.

That takes me to now. I have, for reasons I can't truly put my finger on, gone a bit cold on GW. I find myself currently transitioning over to historical gaming. My current project is a late war German army for the excellent Bolt Action. This is about halfway done and is likely to feature heavily in my first few blog posts. But I am also toying with other systems, and as with us all I am trying to avoid the temptation to buy more stuff!

So that's me. I aim to try to post regularly, but we shall see what real life says about that. In the mean time, have some pics of my painted models (mainly GW at the moment).

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