Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Epic Reinforcements

I have returned from a rather nice two week break away in Cyprus, enjoying the sun, pool and more than a few cold beers. I am now off work on my shared maternity leave for a few months. I am hoping, as I have said before, to get stuck into the hobby as a result, as much as two small children will allow. The only down side is I am not getting paid whilst being off, so new purchases will be more or less none exsistant. Its a good job I have plenty to be getting on with, though basic supplies are running low! Never mind, I have a cunning plan to boost income....

Anyway, a few months ago, I had a game of Net Epic scheduled, and decided to expand the force some what. I was lacking dedicated anti tank as my Leman Russ company, whilst a very good all round company, does not possess any real hard hitting anti armour punch. I added a support detachment of Vanquishers as a result. My army overall was also lacking in AA cover as I as relying on my Thunderbolts for air support, but they needed to be freed up for ground attack duties. I therefore added a detachment of Hydra's to the ranks.

I was lucky enough to have bagged a few of the old FW models for these two additions so I painted them up:

They were a rush job, so not my best work. The FW models also lack the stowage of most of the epic models I use, and I am not confident of scuplting in 6mm, so they stay basic in appearance. Sadly, the game never happened due to illness so they will have to wait for a while to see action.

In other hobby news, I will now be cracking on with my 20mm Poles as they remain my priority. Sadly, an order from a supplier has fallen through after waiting three months, so I am looking to order from somewhere else to fill the gaps. Updates soon.

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