Thursday, 7 July 2016

Polish Preparation

Still trying to refind that elusive mojo that I had a few weeks ago that had me wanting to paint every spare moment I could find. I suspect it's just the normal summer malaise and it hopefully won't last too long. The good news is that I am not totally disinterested like normal, and still getting bits and bobs done - albeit not at the pace I was before.

To that end, the other day I managed to muster a little but of enthusiasm. I put it to god use, and assembled a big bunch of 20mm Early War Miniautres Polish for the next phase of the army:

Two light mortar teams:

A 37mm Bofors anti-tank gun team:

And their horse and limber tow. This is actually a french team but I figured I can get away with it:

A chunk of infantry:

And a final, lonely chap to be a medic:

I'm trying to cover all the options as I go, so each of the weapon teams has 6 gunners. Three will be mounted to each base, and the other three on individual bases. In Battlegroup, each weapon team has three gunners and you can purchase three to make the team more effective. I hope that doing this, I can cover most options in the book.

Just got to find the time and motivation to undercoat and paint the lot.

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