Friday, 1 July 2016

2016 - Half Way Point.

You may remember I tried to set myself a few goals for the year ahead back around Christmas. And since the 1st July marks exactly six months gone and six months to go, I decided to look and see where I was.

Here are my goals for the year and how I think I've gotten on with them so far.

- In terms of points using the above scoring system, I am going to aim for over 1000 points of painted minis.

Using the Analogue Painting system I wanted to hit 1000 points of painted miniatures. Sadly, at the half way point I don't think I've quite hit 400 yet. I've also noticed a dent in production now the summer months have rolled around the little boy has got bigger and more demanding. Still, with three months off work coming soon over late summer and autumn, I might yet catch up. Either way, I suspect I will beat last years total. So I count that as a work in progress.
- To complete at least two full 28mm Napoleonic battalions (so that's 48 miniatures done.)

Exactly half way on this one with a single battalion done. I am not sure when the second one will make its way up the painting queue but there is time yet. 

- I have my shelves of doom (full of unpainted minis, mainly dead projects that I refuse to sell) in my painting, taunting me from the corner. The total currently stands at 93 minis, so I shall aim to reduce this to under 60 miniatures by years end.

Least said about this the better. I haven't yet painted anything from the shelves this year, and I actually think one or two more models may have found their way out the painting queue and back onto the shelves so the numbers may even have gone up. Still, never say never and if the bug bites for some Skaven, High Elves, Orks or Tau, the number may go down. 

- General 28mm wise, I want to progress my two Bolt Actions armies, and move into at least one Ancients force alongside my napoleonics. I'd like at least two complete units for this ancients project.

So no progress on the Ancients, even though I have plenty of minis for them and I've only added one unit to my Bolt Action armies this year. But I am regularly gaming with a friend at BA so I may get the motivation to paint some more. 

- I want to start to gather 20mm forces for battlegroup games. No real targets on this, just want to see me making siginificant progress here.

I think I can call this one a success so far. The Poles are well on their way, and I have some Germans bought so that's all good. If I end the year with a singe painted army (i.e. The Poles), I'll call this complete. 

- 6mm wise I have two rough targets. In Epic terms, to buy no more until what I have outstanding is small enough to fit in to one box. Second, to move into historical 6mm. I know it's not for everyone, but it's a scale I have always had a soft spot for. It should also be fairly quick and easy to get armies together.

This is one with little progress. Some purchasing of historical 6mm has occurred but no painting. I haven't quite stuck to my promise of buying no more Epic stuff, but what I have bought is only small, so it's not all bad. And I've recently started getting the odd game of Epic in so the motivation might be sparked up. 

- Finally, bring my gaming table into action that I have in the garage. I've had this a few years and still not used it. 

The only one I'd call complete at the half way point. I'm pleased to say that the gaming has been fairly regular and steady, and more importantly nothing of mine that has touched the table has been unpainted! This is a big sea change for me, and I've promised to myself not to use any incomplete minis on the table if at all possible. 

I think you'll agree that progress is being made all round. I can't grumble too much when all said and done, the wife puts up with having a painting room and a gaming room, so I am blessed. And at least I do get some things done. Sure, I'd like more time for the hobby, but real life is demanding and has to come first. 

I have noticed my schizophrenic painting style seems to be calming down a bit. I am intending to work on projects rather than leap around all over the place. So at the moment, I am working on the next big chunk of 20mm Poles. Occassionally something will get pushed the front but they will be my focus - expect to see lots more of them this month.  

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