Wednesday, 31 August 2016

More Polish Infantry

Managed to get another 10 standard rifle infantry done for the ongoing Polish army project.

All rifle armed and destined to bulk out the platoon's rifle squads, they are all from Early War Miniatures.

Once more I can't seem to get the photos right, one has come out very dark despite some editing and the models being under two massive daylight lamps! Oh well, you get the idea.

As I previously mentioned an order has fallen though for a large chunk of Polish stuff, which was needed to complete the infantry platoon and HQ. I can get the minituares from elsewhere but I am awaiting a webstore to reopen to put the order in.

What that means is that I have an Bofors AT tank gun with horse limber and an AT rilfe to go and I'm done with what I have. Good job the general back log is big enough to keep my busy!


  1. Nice looking Polish infantry, and yes, the first picture is much better!

  2. I'm clearly rubbish at photos - these were taken within seconds of each other but are so different. Very annoying. Glad you like the minis none the less.