Thursday, 13 August 2015

Heaven is a Halftrack, Part 2

I have to first explain my nearly month long absence - real life can be a pain sometimes. Work, children and holidays have all got in the way. I also always notice that isn't it worst when all you have to do is those few little bits? I can often find all the time in the world to get a model to the 90% stage, but sometimes getting that base done or that final highlight on eludes me. And I don't like posting half done stuff.

However, I have finally finished one of my three half tracks - my first Bolt Action armour. Here are some general shots:

Above you see the finished article. I am quite please with how this has come out overall, especially since it is the first real time I have airbrushed a tank.

Front and back shots. I did neglect the inside a little bit. I meant to heavily weather the inside foot area to represent all the ware and tear but forgot until quite late in the game and decided not to risk making a mistake. Finally, a close up of the weathering:

Essentially the techniques I have used after the base layers was sponge chipping, some oil washes then streaked before adding mud around the tracks and wheels. I then splattered some fresh mud up the side of the tank.

It's all been a good learning experience, and I feel ready to tackle the next one and maybe vary the weathering a little bit.

In the pipeline is another blog post within a week and some more grenadiers. Progress is being made!

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  1. That is one great looking half track Dave, weathering has come off really. Looks well used but well cared for too. Top job.