Wednesday, 15 July 2015


I am pleased to report that some progress has been made on the painting front, I have finished the first squad of the recent Grenadiers from Warlord:

As you will know if you follow my facebook page, I messed up a little with the camo on these and it knocked them back quite a bit. They have also taken longer than I would like as I have been hammering the over time at work ready for the arrival of a new mini Marovian at the end of the year. I am pleased to say that I have now finished them. Being equipped with assault rifles gives me a good high fire rate unit that I will probably put in a half track to allow for mobility. Here is a shot of the camo:

I have another squad of 6 to do and still have two of the three half tracks to finish. I am hoping to make some progress next week on them all as I am fully booked every night this week due to work and social life! 

The good news is that I have continued to get some gaming in. In the last few weeks I have tried out the Battlegroup world war 2 rules and had my first game of Zombicide (very enjoyable game). I like them both and fear they may both become projects very soon!

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