Thursday, 27 August 2015

More Grenadiers!!

Not a massive leap forward, but another unit of 6 late war grenadiers have made it off the desk and into the display cabinet:

The front view

The rear view

Not overly happy with these, I think I rushed them abit. On the plus side, unlike the earlier unit I feel they have some more character with the bare head and soft cap mixed in there. Again they are kitted out with assault rifles and will act in concert with my other unit as my spearhead. I have my first game of Bolt Action next week for quite a while so will give them a try out then.

Overall, this takes me not too far short of 50 infantry. I have also nearly finished the other two halftracks and I am going through a building phase with various things and seriously considering a few other projects, so I am hoping for quite a few updates for you all over the next couple of weeks. I might even get an army shot or two done next week when the little one starts at school and it's safe to take them out and display them.

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