Wednesday, 30 December 2020

2020 Round Up


I am afraid this will be a post with no pictures, but I thought a round up of what I managed to paint this year might be interesting. 


In January, when the world was a very different place, I set myself a target of 350 minis painted, and 1500 points scored on the analogue painting challenge points system for the whole year. 


Here is how I did:



A good month. 108 Napoleonic French were finished. The vast majority of work on those happened in 2019, but because they were finsihed (Painted, based, flags added etc) in 2020, they count towards this year. I also finished a single Swedish infantry man from the great Northern war this month. 

Monthly Total: 109, Running Total: 109


A much slower month this time. First off the block were 10 spider riders for my goblin army and 2 German Spotters for my Bot Action force. I also added three mounted French colonels to the earlier three regiments to finish off that commission.

Monthly Total: 15, Running Total: 124



Some more commision work arrived this month - 84 Bavarians for the War of Spanish Succession. March saw the first 27 of these done. Alongside those, I knocked out 6 Black Orcs and 4 Napoleonic French. 

Monthly Total: 37, Running Total: 161



A fairly solid month, another 15 Bavarians done. We saw the first appearace of different scales, three 20mm Poish tanks, 15 15mm Romans, 2 Spear Chukkas and crew (8 minis in total) and 2 cadians done. 

Monthly Total: 43, Running Total:204



The remaining Bavarians were all completed (42 minis), and another 4 Napoleonic French. 

Monthly Total: 46, Running Total: 260



A month when it was all about my own stuff - a full unif of 24 15mm Romans, 2 VIkings and a German Puma armoued car - that had been half done for around 5 years so it was good to get it finally finished. 

Monthly Total: 27, Running Total: 287



Anohter month of mixed scales. 24 Front Rank Dutch Troops were done on commission, along with 12 Roman Velites and 24 union ACW infantry in 10mm (another new project!)

Monthly Total: 60, Running Total: 347


August and September

The usual summer lull was made worse by a mojo slump - I think it was post lock down fatigue and having had the kids around since March the desire to paint just got up and left. 



A very steady month, I only managed 16 union infantry in 10mm. But the mojo was creeping back.

Monthly Total: 16, Running Total: 363



Over 200 minis landed on my desk for variois commissions this month, and I did make good progress on them. But none were completed so the only models done were a German Pak 40 and crew (4 minis), a Napleoic french cannon and crew (4 mins) and 6 Napoleonic French infantry.

Monthly Total: 14, Running Total: 377



A strong month to round the year off - 1 15mm Roman infantry man and a singel mounted commander were completed and based together for a command stand. Another 24 union infantry in 10mm and 21 Irish Brigade troops were all done/ 

Monthly Total: 47, Running Total: 424


 So 424 minis and about 1735 points under the Analogue system. Easily my best ever year. Even if you strip out the commission work, I added quite a lot of stuff to my own collections and I find the commision work pushes me out of my comfort zone and gets me to the desk. Had I not had the big mojo lull, when I didn't do my own stuff or take any work on, I think I could have smashe 500 minis. 


I'm looking at a good start to 2021 as I have a lot of minis half done and another 80 or so pimed and ready - I want to get off to a flyer if possible. 


Finally, my targets for next year:

Painted minis - 600, any scale

Analogue points - 2000.


I shall try to get monthly updates up - hopefully with pictures! 



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