Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Ride of the Uhlans!

As those of you who follow my face book page will know, I have not painted cavalry in any scale before. So I have to admit part of my attraction to doing a 1939 Polish force was to push myself and include cavalry, as I like the look of them, just not the idea of painting them.

Since this force is intended for Battlegroup, you can take whole platoons of cavalry for the Poles, including support weapons. I started with a pack of 6, mixed evenly between lancers and sabres, again from Early War miniatures. Support options will come much later, along with dismounted troops.

I found them to be lovely little models, and they painted up simply enough. The riders especially where done in no time at all, whilst I did invest a little more time in the horses (but still only maybe 20 minutes per horse in total).

So here are the picture. I think you'll agree these have come out really well.

And now for the whole squad of 6:

I am very chuffed with these! They have pushed my out of my comfort zone and the results are well worth it. Although there are no more cavalry in the queue currently, I will sooner or later add two more squads at least. I will most probably do a squad of brown horse, then one of black and mix them up from there.

All feedback is appreciated, I hope you like them as much as I do! 

In othre news, got quite a busy work hobby wise. Games of NetEpic and Bolt Action on my gaming table, meaning I am fulfilling one of my key aims this year, as well as a trip to the mighty Salute. That is likely to be a tiring and expensive day out. I will be taking my camera so look out for blog entries on what I see and what I buy, as well as more Poles in the pipe line. 

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