Wednesday, 31 March 2021

ACW Skirmishers


Just a quick post from me to squeeze in the last painting of the month.

I've been working on a slow burn 10mm American Civil War project for a while now. It's not progessing very fast, but I have just added four bases of skirmishers - a total of 16 minis:



All the figures are from Pendraken and are excellent to be fair. I have a fair few more to paint up yet. I do intend to do more in depth post on the minis and the project later down the line, so keep your eyes peeled.

I've been allowed to use these 16 to claim an "any model" slot on the hobby bingo competition, which puts me at 80 points - somewhat behind the leader Lewis. March has also been my slowest month of the year so far, with only 25 minis completed. However, I remain slightly ahead of schedule for my target of 600 minis (of all scales) for the year.


  1. Very nice cheeky little post.

    Have you looked at the ACW 10mm stuff Warlord are putting out for their "Black Powder - Epic Battles" sets?

    1. I have and if I hadn’t already committed to Pendraken stuff I could be tempted, but sticking with this for now.
      If they do other periods I’ll probably be interested.