Friday, 11 November 2016

Online Store Open!!

As I think I mentioned in a few previous posts, I have opened my own Wargaming business as an independent trader!

This is all very exciting for me - I've always wanted to work or myself and decided to combine this with the hobby as a second job in addition to the day job that pays the bills.

At the moment, I only carry Warlord Games prodcuts but at what I believe to be a great discount of up to 24%! It's early days but it seems to be going really well. I offer a friendly bespoke service so you can get your Warlord Games goodies for the best price possible.

So go and checkout and let me know what you think! I am adding products as fast as I can so keep checking back for more items.

On the hobby side I do have lots more stuff to show off - it's just finding the time to photograph it all! Hopefully a couple more blog posts coming soon.

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