Monday, 6 June 2016

Boom, Boom, Boom! German 10.5 Howitzer.

In the ever going quest to one day beat my Bolt Action nemisis Steve, I have finally got around to adding some heavier firepower to my 28mm Germans.

I have gone for a leFH 18/40 10.5 cm Howitzer to hopefully blow a few infantry squads off the table.

Quite a fun model to paint this, combining a different range of techniques. I painted the crew exaclty as I would my infantry which was a simple enough job. However, the gun got a similiar treatment to the vehicles in the force, and I made use of oil washes to hopefully give it a beat up look. Some pigments to represent soot and a matt varnish sealed the deal.

One thing that I did do different to this was to mount the crew on the base in a way that they can't be removed. I normally prefer to have them detachable, but for speed they were simply glued on to the base. I did leave the gun loose for ease of tansport.

Plenty of other stuff for my Bolt action guys sat on the shelf, but it's 20mm next up!


  1. Very nice mate, big guns are always worth a look in. Reminds me, I really should take some pictures of the german guns I painted earlier in the year.

  2. Top notch job once again, love the base and the fantastic details...