Wednesday, 9 March 2016

20mm 1939 Polish Test Mini

So it's been a while. A month or more to be precise. I had certainly not intended to leave it so long between blog posts but time and motivation both took a dip in Feb and it was a very unproductive month with no models finished and little progress on other stuff. I did manage to acquire some items though. I've now got the full collection of Battlegroup rules having picked up Kursk via a facebook trading group, as well as pre-ordering the new Battle of the Bulge supplement that should be availabel around Salute.

In that vain, I have finally made a start on my 20mm arimes - in this case a 1939 Polish army. I decided on an early war army after a fun game of the blitzkrieg period using the Battlegroup rules about 6 weeks ago. And I chose Poles as it would give me something different and I would get to use Cavalry.

The down side to Poles is that there are not quite so many companies making them as there are say Germans or Brits. I've found a couple of companies which I have made orders with and the only one to arrive so far is Early War Miniatures. I've purchased a squad of infantry, one of cavalry and a machine gun. I shall be doing a full review of these soon.

In the meantime, as it's a new army I have started with a test mini. It's also my first time painting 20mm, which isn't as close to 28mm as I thought it was.

Here are ther pictures:

I think it came out rather well. It's typical WW2, very drab and unexciting. One thing I am looking forward to is adding some bright pennants to some of the cavalry when I get them done. What I did like was how fast this was, even when having to wait for drying. Batch painting should blast them out.

At the moment I am trying to reign in my purchases so that I can splurge at Salute, which I am very much looking forward to. Only time will tell if this idea works out.


  1. Have you tried this company: ? It is Polish, but they send their products to UK too. You can pay for orders with paypal. They will have cavalry too (mounted and dismounted), however I don't know when...