Thursday, 7 January 2016

A Games Room Re-born

There's a bit of a story to my games room:

About 6 years ago I was idly musing about getting a games table in the garage. Being a garage, it was of course used to store everything bar a car. At the time it was a simple concrete floor, breeze block wall affair. I mentioned in passing to my dad (who is a DIY guru) if fastening some cheap chipboard to the walls would cut down on dust. I had memories of playing in my parents bare brick loft as a kid and everything was dusty as hell. 

Now my dad can be pretty damn cool, and he came through big time. Without asking he offered to plasterboard the garage, carpet it and make it water proof. All out of his pocket. Once it was done, all I had to do was paint it. It wasn't a full conversion, there is still a garage door and no heatin, but it's more than most. 

The gaming table was a simple £20 purchase off eBay with a sheet of MDF on top. I then textured it, and started making terrain. 

However, somehow, it got side tracked. I could never get a game in and didn't have enough stuff to game alone (a handy way of learning rules), so it languished unused. And being a garage it kept getting filled up with detritus from life. Several times I cleared it out and resolved to use it but never got around to it. 

But time is going to be different. I've cleared it again over the last week, and redone the layout to hopefully make it easier to use. This is where it stands now:

There's still stuff to do. There are a few bags need to go to the car boot, and a pile of stuff taking up room that needs to go to the shed, which itself needs a clear out when the back garden stops being a swamp. But I can now access the table. I need a load more terrain, but I think I am well on my way to using the room for a game, which will tick off one of my targets of 2016.

Long term, if I add some shelves to clear some floor space, and move over to collapsible tables, I will have an even more flexible games room. If I have measured up right the room could possibly take a 5' by 12' table, though it would be a little tight and I wouldn't be able to leave the tables up permanently but it could be doable for big games. All of this is long term though. For more at least, I have a 6' x 4' I can use, which is a big positive. 

Just need some recommendations for good terrain please? 

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